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+16    Your territories are under attack Angry enemies threaten to invade your lands. So raise the army of noble samurai and ninjas to protect their Motherland from foreign invaders in our new strategic game Samurai And Ninja Squabble Plunge to the ...    64 MB    Views 8402
+4    In the game, game player by clicking on the same two connected together faeces, you can eliminate. When reached a certain number of checkpoints can be successful. Come and challenge it    NAN    Views 8684

Parking Hero 2015

0    Car Parking or "Unblock Car" free and addictive puzzle game for kids with lots of levels. How to play: Is goal of this game to unlock the car and bring it from the parking for the minimum number of moves. To do ...    38 MB    Views 9065

Lil Red Dragon

+9    Help Lil Red Dragon get to the Dragons nest before the Grots get to him. Free to play and fun to be had in this highly addictive flapper.    30 MB    Views 6796
+6    Doodle Car Racing Free is a Doodle style top down CarXtreme(CarX) driving game. It's funny and addictive which you'll think the game is so unique comparing with other driving games. Simple control, just press the gas pedal to speed up ...    83 MB    Views 4621
+9    Nội dung liên tục cập nhật Tổng hợp nhiều thế khai cờ độc đáo Tổng hợp nhiều ván cờ, giải đấu của các cao thủ trong làng cờ tướng Chúc các bạn vui vẻ và lĩnh hội được nhiều kỹ ...    4 MB    Views 1503
+1    The goal of this game is to beat your high score by putting at least 5 fruits of the same color and type in a horizontal and / or vertical row. If there are 5 or more fruits, you will ...    5 MB    Views 3276
+4    Move the DOT to the SQUARE with the LINE.    4 MB    Views 8591
-2    Real Brain testing with alots of fun , find the maximum similar flags those can link together , and gain maximum points to clear the level.    39 MB    Views 6915
-7    The goal of this game is to beat your high score by putting at least 4 balloons of the same color connected together in any direction i.e. get four balloons of the same color to touch. If there are 4 ...    8 MB    Views 4048
Related Apps level complete based
+19    Slide your finger through the candies to combine them and complete missions. Your mission is get the target score to complete the level. Be fast when the level is based in time and when the level is based in number of movements, ...    50 MB    Views 1339


cycle missing
+5    You put a pair of socks in the washing cycle and it never fails that only one sock returns. Where did that other sock go? Sock Cycle is an app that finds your missing socks from the dreadful Cycle. It helps ...    38 MB    Views 3150
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+21    Computer Virus 2 Invent The Antivirus is a new marvelous edition of your favorite game Now you can play not only for the ones who develop computer viruses, but also for the ones who save computers Are you an ...    78 MB    Views 7934
time lineup player control winning create fantasy
+17    Draft optimal DraftKings lineups in seconds. Win more cash Powerful. Simple. Quick. You're in control. You call the shots. Welcome to your daily fantasy sports owner's suite. RANKUP is your essential DraftKings companion app. Earn more money in DFS. Save ...    11 MB    Views 2733

Defend Fruit TD

Related Apps farm animals candies defense levels defend enemies forest
+3    Sometime around year 2888,the forest fell into famine and animals living there are in great danger.Some enemies robbed here and there,they took all food they could find,leaving innocent animals starved to death.Our forest had a big farm and luck thing ...    41 MB    Views 596

Dot Maze

Related Apps board maze game play dot fun
-6    Dot Maze is a fastpaced action maze game. A fun and challenging board game for the whole family. You can play Dot Maze on your iPhone and iPad. To win, keep your dots moving on the screen longer than your ...    40 MB    Views 3952
0    ابدا الان تحدي الالوان، واحزر جميع الالوان المطلوبه اللعبه ستقوم بضمر اربعة الوان وستحاول انت ان تحزرها، ولكن عليك ان تحزرها بالترتيب المطلوب اللعبه سوف تخبرك عندما تحزر لون ما اللعبه مجانا، حملها الان    7 MB    Views 3850
+3    到充满幻想的世界去旅行,和《如影随形》一起重建华丽的日本浮世绘。在这个创新的拼图游戏中,你要去寻找画布上不同阴影的正确位置并且尽可能使用少的步数来拼出图画。在一个宁静的、充满禅意的气氛中发现壮丽的风景,动物和日本传统节日。这是一个精彩的结合了美丽与娱乐的游戏,适合任何年龄的人群体验。 快来锻炼你的大脑,放飞你的想象力吧! 一个原始的拼图/拼图游戏    超过50个关卡   放松禅宗的气氛中    69 MB    Views 15
+24    Master bridge to cross the river, get diamonds get high marks. In the game, you need to make a single plank bridge Master bridge across the river. When the bridge, when it comes to diamond, game player can flip the ...    NAN    Views 1450
+2    Move mushrooms to the correct location. You will pass to the next level. You can play with your friends or single player for fun    7 MB    Views 7620
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-5    About deluxe:unlock all levels of this game The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms. Solve the puzzles and all the hidden objects that you have to use in the rooms in order to advance to the ...    46 MB    Views 7567
angry game hero clicker click location animals simple coins
0    Angry Clicker Hero the most fascinating game, that will take your productivity to zero. Maybe it will seems like the most easiest game, that you have played before. But easy doesn’t mean boring. Choose a location, destroy all angry ...    38 MB    Views 2304

The Tap Game

+1    Tap your way to new high scores, be quick and don't miss a piece.    2 MB    Views 9159
game long learn legs
-7    ‘Stilt Walker – Long Legs Spider’, is a challenging physics based game for all ages The goal of this game seems to be the most simple task you've got in a game. Take some steps and see how far you can ...    46 MB    Views 4604

A game of Onions

+24    This is a fun game of reaction and accuracy, you are planting onions in a garden and must only plant your onions in locations that are good. A bad location to plant an onion would be where other plants are not ...    41 MB    Views 38
Related Apps food time management burger shop ingredients serve fast customers restaurant burgers
+2    It’s lunch time People are excited to visit your new burger shop and try the delicious hamburgers everyone has been talking about Check the ingredients and get ready to serve the customers a delightful meal of their favorite sandwich recipes In ...    94 MB    Views 3919
farm baby games game vegetables enjoy kinds
+23    My Little Farm is funfilled farm planting game. Gardening was always a pleasure and now you have the opportunity to take care of this garden. So help Baby Bunny to clean the soil, plant the seeds and collect all the vegetablesCome ...    40 MB    Views 7044
-8    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS It's time to build your own galaxy empire Are you ready to join a space team and to become one of the greatest space explorers? Don't hesitate and take this challenge A bloody battle will take place soon. ...    78 MB    Views 380
+11    The city has been invaded by birds. Your job is to try and control them as best as you can. See how many you can squish in this fun and addicting game. Try it out today    9 MB    Views 9802
disco guess location cool enemy table fight
+13    The disco is over but stickymen are not in a hurry. Who wants to go home after a cool party But suddenly something sweeps over their heads, what is it? Was it really a Molotov cocktail thrown by the barman of ...    127 MB    Views 7429
thief stop simple
-3    This is a very simple game with simple rules. Just stop the thief before he run away,the thief is very smart,can you stop it?    7 MB    Views 2268

Defend The Grove

0    You find yourself defending your magical protons from the invading forces of an evil being. Place and upgrade defender towers with different abilities, while dealing with waves of baddies who want to carry your treasure away Have fun    61 MB    Views 4074

Frogs Play Drift

+10    Jump savely to the other side by jumping on objects. Tap or click to determine your jump.    NAN    Views 1407

Legends of Kitka

fishing lake fish catch legendary www website nets equipment
0    Lake Kitka, the home of the small and quick vendace known as Kitkan Viisas, the sage of the lake. Since ancient times, fishing has been the foundation of life in Koillismaa and now it's your turn to uphold the legacy Legends ...    49 MB    Views 2806
tank missions fights
0    Tank fights 2: missions is a mini turnbased strategy. Aim thoroughly, adjust direction for wind power and shoot. 12 levels in which you have to be not only more accurate but also smarter than your enemy. Simple gameplay but not so easy to ...    24 MB    Views 7063
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+13    this is a very fun puzzle game about mr. bean , let's play    22 MB    Views 5032
+4    宁静的小村庄旁边突然出现五座巨大的狼堡.狼人要来入侵宁静的小村庄了 要想保护自己的家园,村民们需要炸毁至少三座城堡。但是,据说村民们已经被狼人附体了…那么,谁才是狼人呢? 适合510人的聚会小游戏。小伙伴轮流做村长,安排玩家炸堡,然后讨论、质疑、争辩或者瞎扯淡,最后投票是否通过村长的安排。一个考验口才、推理能力趣味小游戏。赶快下载开始游戏吧! 意见及反馈 微信公众号:狼人之夜(ID: Werewolf) QQ讨论群:375697059    13 MB    Views 1668

Jax Bee

0    Jax bee is endless, simple and fun to play. Tap the screen to make the bee go up. Attack the spider while avoiding the bouncing blocks.    13 MB    Views 2032
0    Space Colony: Galaxy City is a realistic simulator for all the fans of strategies and city building games. You need to create an infrastructure for the people’s settlement on a far planet. You have a great opportunity to train your ...    54 MB    Views 4588
minecraft survival farm xbox survive master great machine
+6    Take a Master Class in how to get the most out of Minecraft with this collection of over 300 tutorial video lessons. Discover tips and tricks and other special techniques Kids spend hours and days playing minecraft this app will help ...    4 MB    Views 9128


0    Create your city out of the wild. Mine the coal, forge the steel, and build your industry empire    2 MB    Views 820
puzzle game match fruits score sets vertically horizontally current points addictive
+5    It is a matchthree puzzle game. This game is a variation of matchthree games such as Bejeweled. Game board is filled with differently colored ‘fruits’. The basic move of this game is horizontally or vertically swapping the positions of two ...    10 MB    Views 3907
Related Apps time objects game play hidden find hint explore unique option catchy
-5    Hidden Objects Of A Wistful Memories Best Game for you.Explore different unique scenes and seek different objects. if you wrong click your score 1 and you got objects you got +1 score so play carefully. Unique Hidden Object Game to play ...    25 MB    Views 1739

Reiki Gem Match

Related Apps gems collect match
0    Gwendolyn is a Reiki Master who has lost her gems along ancient Dublin. In this free game, help Gwendolyn collect her missing healing gems Swipe the gems until you can match 3 or more to collect them, remember though, you need to ...    20 MB    Views 123
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-8    Tower Defense Saga is a highly creative tower defense game. Player protect the home land by building different kinds of towers freely. How To Play: Select the tower need to build Drag the tower to the target place Release screen, and the tower will be ...    32 MB    Views 2576

Zombie Eyeballz

Related Apps zombie coins lives free level bottle cluster
+5    Zombie Eyeballz ("Eyeballz") is a fun, free strategy game for iPhone & iPad. The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived, and you need to collect eyeballz to survive There are 55 levels for you to play. Just follow the bloody intestines to advance ...    45 MB    Views 9901
+10    This is a software for IGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition), which is programmed by the student from UESTC. The purpose of this game is to help other people understand our PCside software easily and also experience the minimal genome selection. Ps:There ...    30 MB    Views 3798
puzzle panda queen game save play warrior feedback guide prison excellent
+5    Save The Panda Queen is one of the best and addictive puzzle game available in store. Play this game to challenge your mind with several thousands of logical levels. Game play : The game play of "Save The Panda Queen " game is ...    41 MB    Views 5324
people virus ufo terror space outer antivirus choose trees human
0    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS An extraterrestrial menace can destroy the human civilization… Few months ago people all over the world saw few UFOs, and after that a strange virus was detected. It turns people into trees. Their skin resembles bark, they ...    75 MB    Views 9011
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+4    It is a puzzle game where you must figure out how to escape the rooms. Solve the puzzles and all the hidden objects that you have to use in the rooms in order to advance to the next room. Challenge ...    47 MB    Views 4989
Related Apps strategy puzzle block game part drop build blocks cool tower
+13    It is a fun puzzle/strategy game for all ages. The object is to build a tower from the colored blocks as tall as possible. The blocks will quickly move left and right across the screen. Players must tap at the ...    4 MB    Views 3558

The Ferris Wheel

jump wheel points game
-9    Jump from Ferris Wheel to Ferris Wheel. Select your choice of player, block, crazy hat or a dodgem car. Collect stars for points, and get the floating balloons for bonus points. Lets see how many you can get. Simple tap to jump game play. Time ...    12 MB    Views 9218

Follow Lights

increase lights sequence score level objects number player follow
+24    Follow lights is a short term memory boosting game. In this game couple of lights blink on the screen and player interacts with those lights by tapping them in the same sequence, in which they blinked before. Lighting up each ...    32 MB    Views 1067


Related Apps color spheres number block level
+11    Thank you for enjoying my first venture into creating a game. iCallapse is easy to play. The object is to get as many spheres next to each other of the same color. The more spheres of the same color the ...    40 MB    Views 4012

Let Them Fly

game fly
+13    Let Them Fly is a fun addictive game designed for entertainment purposes. The aim of the game is to defeat as many levels as you can and to stay above 0. Credits: Aiden Katz Ben Levi Pete Neill    58 MB    Views 6128


-1    suirimatrix 登場人物の話から推理して、誰が何をしたか等についてのマトリクス(表)を ◎ と × で埋めていくパズルです。 問題は全部で103題です。 登場人物3人から12人までの問題があります。 レベル  初心者〜中級者向け  難問好き、多人数問題が好きな方には物足りないかもしれません。    NAN    Views 4820

Tomb Action

-8    Ninja climbing along the wall down, but there are many thorns hindering the Ninja way. In the game, the players mainly control the Ninja to avoid these thorns, smooth down. Come and challenge it    NAN    Views 3986
+10    【游戏简介】 无兄弟,不国战!史上首款千人同屏、万人在线的国战游戏。 《主公受惊了帝王霸业》是边锋重磅推出的三国题材的集卡牌养成和战争策略为一体的SLG征战游戏。游戏以[国战]为核心玩法,展现千人同屏,万人在线的国战攻城场景。招募名将,城池建设,组建工会,排兵布阵,多国混战,攻城掠地,统一天下。 【游戏特色】 万人国战,心神激荡 每晚8点10点,万人大型国战大戏准时登场!共分3个阶段,需要主公和队友齐心协力,选择某座城池进行一系列“阴谋阳谋”,夺取城池,捍卫国土尊严。化身主公,你能带领你的国家君临三国,走向最强王者的巅峰吗!? 精美原画,绚烂特技 超萌超可爱的Q版三国无双画风,怪蜀黍小萝莉萌正太应有尽有,曹操、赵云、吕布、貂蝉……三国群英任你收集!华丽的战斗场景,绚丽的大招特效,更多冒险更多乐趣! 运筹帷幄,智商压制 兵种讲究相生相克,需要主公注意敌方阵型来进行排兵布阵;更有益智试练塔,主公要靠才智击败每层守将来获取丰厚奖励!更多智谋玩法,静待主公发掘哦。 缘分合击,进阶觉醒 每一个武将都有专属技能,绝非过场武将,满足一定条件就可以发动缘分合击!当武将达成条件,就可以进阶甚至觉醒!让武将威力飙升,从此“千秋万载,一统江山!”快来打造出你的乱世全明星吧! 【联系我们】 如果您在游戏中遇到任何问题,或想要提供宝贵的游戏建议,可与我们的客服人员联系哟! 客 服 QQ:800063469 官方网站: 官方微博: 官方微信:bzbsanguo    NAN    Views 5870
tools multiplayer pixel game theme variety paint vote
-2    PIXEL PAINTERS OUT NOW Original 1 MC PIXEL PLAINTERS : Mini Game with Multiplayer is finally available on mobile A new Arcade Game is now live on the AppStore Pixel Painters Paint a masterpiece based on a theme Use a variety of tools ...    106 MB    Views 9183

Circle Ball Crush

balls crush circle ball game jelly block show play blocked
-8    Crush the balls in the circle world Circle Ball Crush A simple but funny trivia game. Tap the circle to move the curved jelly, and block the balls from rushing outwards. Try to block the balls as many as possible. The balls has ...    31 MB    Views 7161
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